Meal Delivery Order FAQ

  1. Are the prices inclusive of GST?

  2. How many days are we allowed to cater for tingkat?

  3. Can I choose the days of ordering?

  4. Is the food delivered in microwaveable containers?

  5. Do we need to return the tiffin carriers on the next day?

  6. How many dishes will there be?

  7. Can I opt out for Combo Meal?

  8. Is rice provided?

  9. What is a Combo Meal?

  10. Are we able to choose the dishes?

  11. Can I order a 1 person tingkat meal?

  12. Can I request a specific delivery time for the delivery of tingkat?

  13. Is your company serving on a 20 days basis?

  14. What is the latest time to place an order?

  15. Do I need to call in every month to renew my tingkat service?

  16. What happen if I have forgotten to call in to terminate the tingkat service when the contract ends date?

  17. Will there be any cash refund if 1 skips meal?

  18. How and when should payment be made?

  19. What should I do if I shift house (change of address) in the midst of the 20 days contract service?

  20. Is the food served halal?

Everything you need to know about our TRIAL MEAL

  1. How many days in advance should I place an order for the 10 days trial meal service?

  2. How and when should payment be made?

  3. Do I get to enjoy any members/discount for tingkat (home meal) delivery service?

  4. What are the dishes served during the 10 days trial meal service? Will it be the same as 20 days contract service?

  5. Is rice provided?

  6. Is the food served in tiffin carrier?

  7. What is a 10 days trial Meal Service?

  8. Can I terminate the 10 days trial meal service half way through?

  9. What if a public holiday falls on a weekday within the 10 days trial meal service?

  10. After the 10 days trial meal service has ended, will the tingkat service be automatically renew?