Our Assurance

At Neo Garden, we have always stressed the importance of these 3 aspects of food: Quality, Taste & Safety. Therefore, we set the standards higher for ourselves from the start by obtaining the AVA license, differentiating ourselves from other industry players.

Here are some fun facts you should know:

Food Hygiene

The food safety & hygiene team was set up in 2016, where every kitchen has a dedicated food hygiene officer, who does daily inspections twice a day. To maintain hygiene at the optimum level, we send food samples for monthly lab tests. Pest control professionals are also engaged for bi-monthly checks.

One Hour Golden Rule

Food is prepared and delivered within an hour – the Golden Rule. To adhere to this, our ‘One Chef One Dish’ policy enables us to whip up a full buffet line of 9 dishes within 15 minutes. We also developed a comprehensive in-house system to keep time and alert our kitchen crew to start cooking only at the stipulated timings.

Logistics Team

Daily cleanliness checks are done on our vehicles before delivery. Our captains are required to wear gloves when they handle food. They are also certified in Basic Food Hygiene.