Our Commitment

From a humble shophouse kitchen we operated in, to today’s sprawling central kitchen and corporate headquarters, we have grown from strength to strength and yet remained firmly rooted in our beliefs. We fondly refer to these beliefs as our six key ingredient. As we deliver quality food and service to your events, we leave you to do nothing but to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. This recipe is a guaranteed success to keep even the most discerning foodie happy!


One chef, one dish

Each chef is put in charge of just one dish, to ensure that he or she perfects the taste and consistency of that one dish. Each kitchen facility is also assigned a Hygiene Officer to ensure that cleanliness meets the highest standards of AVA Grade A and ISO 22000:2005. Now you know that your buffet order of various dishes is only possible with a team of dedicated chefs and staff.


1 hour from preparation to delivery

To ensure the freshness of our food, we ensure that our process takes only a total of one hour. This includes the preparation of ingredients, to cooking and delivery to your venue. To achieve this feat, we operate out of two state-of-the-art central kitchens strategically located in the east and west of Singapore for the most efficient allocation of orders.

The central kitchen also harnesses the use of technology to push production to its highest efficiency and quality, which translates into cost savings and better taste for our customers. Today, we are taking steps towards being a fully-automated kitchen and are actively seeking solutions to improve processes.


Every new dish, multiple R&D

Before a new dish is introduced in a menu, it undergoes rigorous rounds of taste tests to ensure that it is delicious to every palate. Existing dishes are periodically reviewed to ensure that they meet the standards of our customers’ tastes and preferences, as well as to assess the consistent quality of our ingredients.


Top quality in taste and food presentation

We eat with our eyes first, so visual presentation of our food is of utmost importance. Our team of chefs work hard not only on the flavours of our dishes, but also on their visual appeal. Each dish goes through a visual check on its arrangement and quantity before it leaves the kitchen.


Quality vs Quantity

From food ingredients to catering equipment like chafing dish and table skirting, only items of the best quality are curated. This is a tenet we will never compromise on, and one that has won us numerous accolades which has kept us at the forefront of the local food industry.


Last-minute orders

Got a last-minute buffet order? Give us a ring and we’ll have it ready within 3 hours! Thanks to our large production capacity, we can accommodate urgent buffet orders of up to 500 people within a short amount of time.