Celebration tips that will keep you in check with the to-dos, pro-tips & hacks for all your party planning, making celebrating each special occasion a breeze!

Baby Full Month & Baby 100th Day

According to Chinese culture, a full month celebration is held for both the mother and her baby as a form of celebration for attainment of a full month’s survival of good health.

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Baby's First Birthday

Baby's first birthday is often seen as the first milestone achieved in your baby’s life and the beginning of many joyous birthdays to come. Whether the party is an intimate gathering of friends and family or a huge birthday bash with guests and gifts, it will definitely be a memorable and special day to be reminisced by all.

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Kids’ Birthday Party

Kids wait all year to celebrate their special day. It’s a day where they get to be the star and invite their close friends over for great fun and snack on party food. Have kids and parents alike come dressed according to a theme for some added fun!

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21st Birthday

Turning 16, 18 and 21 are widely recognised as birthday milestones when one offcially steps into adulthood. Opt for either an intimate cozy gathering with family or a grand affair including friends.

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Wedding Receptions

The union of two soulmates at a wedding is one of the most loved and celebrated event globally. It symbolises the start of doing life together as one, a lifetime commitment to keep and a fond memory to be kept in the couples’ heart always.

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A house-warming is definitely one of those parties every new home owner looks forward to. It is a day for the hosts to present their new space to their friends. It is also a chance for friends to give gifts to new home owners to furnish their new home.

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