Baby Full Month & Baby 100th Day

According to Chinese culture, a full month celebration is held for both the mother and her baby as a form of celebration for attainment of a full month’s survival of good health.

The arrival of a baby is a joyous event and every parent looks forward to celebrating baby’s full month.

Baby full month parties are held to commemorate the baby’s first of many milestones in life, which is an important occasion for all to rejoice. It is also a day all new mums look forward to, as the celebration also marks the end of their month-long confinement.

Based on Chinese customs, Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kuehs are significant items to have at the full month celebrations and are given out as gifts to guests. Dyed red eggs symbolise good luck and fortune, and Ang Ku Kuehs (also known as tortoise cakes) signify longevity as turtles have long lives. A ‘pointed’ Ang Ku Kueh represents a baby boy while a ‘flat’ one a baby girl.

We do know how stressful it is to juggle one’s confinement with the planning of the party, which is why we have it all covered for all mums and dads!

Baby Full Month Party checklist to keep you covered:

  • Select a Buffet Menu based on your budget
  • Add on our Baby Celebrations Package
    • Comprises of Buffet Thematic Decoration, 30pcs Angkukueh, 30pcs Red Eggs & 50pcs Assorted cakes
  • Looking at a theme party instead?
    • Choose from our 12 curated thematic decoration designs! Some popular designs are Safari Playland, Bear-y Adorable & Grand Prix

Recommended menu: Neo’s Blossom

  • Fried Rice w Silver Fish & Braised Ee Fu Noodle
  • Loh Han Vegetable w Pacific Clam
  • Baked Snapper w Mango Salsa
  • Prawn w Chili Crab Sauce
  • Signature Curry Chicken
  • Sotong You Tiao & Breaded Scallop
  • Mini NY Cheesecake
  • Honeydew Sago
  • Mango

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