A house-warming is definitely one of those parties every new home owner looks forward to. It is a day for the hosts to present their new space to their friends!

You have finally found a space you can call home and with everything all set in order – what better time to throw a housewarming party than now. While you handle your guest list, allow us to do the feeding. Be it light bites or a fancy schmancy party, build your menu to order with us.

[Chit-Chat with Jayne Tham]
We visited fashion influencer Jayne Tham and radio deejay Vernon A’s monochrome haven for the first party in their new abode, a cosy housewarming party which saw a guest list of slightly under 40. We took the chance to catch up with the stylish duo.
QNS: Congratulations on the beautiful house! Can you share with us what inspired this home design?
Jayne: I would say that this design is a mixture of our personalities. Vernon and I have really similar tastes, in fact our favorite colours are black and white, and so going for this monochrome look was almost a no-brainer, actually.
QNS: Which part of the house is a best representation of you?
Jayne: For me, I’d have to say the kitchen because I am a big fan of cooking and baking! (Pauses) Or maybe it’s a tie between the kitchen and the vanity room, which has all my clothes.
QNS: Let’s go with an all-time favourite. If there was a fire, what do you save first?
This is a tough one. Let me think… My dog! Then after that, I’ll have to take my bags. Vernon will probably grab his TV, though I have no idea how he can carry it because it’s so heavy!
QNS: What is a key consideration when it comes to planning a party?
Food, definitely. We can’t serve a big group with my 4 out of 10 food! Otherwise, I think it’s the company that really matters.
QNS: What makes a good caterer?
A caterer that listens, who would consider your needs and be open to ideas. Every space and event is different and has different constraints and food requirements, so having a caterer who is flexible is really important for your event.

Housewarming Recommended Buffet Menu: Neo’s Deluxe

  • Sin Chow Mee Hoon
  • Loh Han Vegetable
  • Sweet & Sour Fish
  • Cereal Prawn
  • Signature Curry Chicken
  • Breaded Scallop
  • Bo Bo Cha Cha
  • Mini Soon Kueh
  • Summer Sushi Platter
  • Mango

Delightful Sidekick: Chicken or Mutton Satay Set, Deep Fried Party Platter