Wedding Receptions

The union of two soulmates at a wedding is one of the most loved and celebrated event globally. It symbolises the start of doing life together as one, a lifetime commitment to keep and a fond memory to be kept in the couples’ heart always.

When vow and rings are exchanged, two individual souls are united as one, and the celebratory air is brimming with love, happiness and well wishes for the newly-weds – a very special day is marked.

Weddings are a grand affair and this once in a lifetime event will be treasured in the couple’s heart for many years to come. Surely, such a wonderful occasion comes with a never ending list of to-dos that needs to be checked. The dresses, the guest list, the gifts, the venue, the traditions to uphold, and more.

The big day is not one without its fair share of concerns. For our newly-weds to be, the amount of work that needs to be done may appear a tad overwhelming.

If you need a little word of advice, here are 5 tips by fashion entrepreneur Lucinda Zhou:

  • Decide on a theme or colour scheme
  • Appoint a reliable coordinator or good friend to make decisions on your behalf
  • Wear comfy shoes!
  • Bring abundance of drinking water, especially if you’ve scheduled an outdoor photoshoot
  • Have an essential pouch ready for emergencies
“Enjoying the process brings more joy than trying to perfect my wedding. Minor hiccups here and there are inevitable, just make sure you have lotsa fun. The experience is surreal, I promise you!” - With love, Lucinda

Ease your load by leaving the food & décor to us! From tea reception to wedding lunch buffet, your guests will certainly not leave your celebration feeling hungry. One can opt for live stations for a more engaging and interactive food experience for your guests. That’s not all, dress your wedding reception or luncheon to the thematic setup of your choice to complete your dream wedding.

Wedding Recommended Buffet Menu: Neo’s Blossom

  • Fried Rice w Silver Fish
  • Broccoli w Abalone Mushroom
  • HK Style Steamed Fish
  • Wasabi Prawn w Fruit Salad
  • Signature Curry Chicken
  • Sotong You Tiao & Breaded Scallop
  • Steamed Har Kau
  • Yam Paste w Gingko Nut
  • Braised Chicken w Pau
  • Mango

Delightful Sidekick: Live / DIY stations