NEO 宝宝 (Bao Bao)

In celebration of Singapore’s Jubilee babies, our Neo Bao Bao mascots were birthed in December 2014 and we named them after our signature dishes: Curry Chicken, Ebi Prawn and Kong Bak Pau. Their names in Mandarin - 吉祥宝(鸡,虾,包)represent fortune, prosperity and treasure. These friendly and loveable NEO 宝宝s are ever ready to join in a celebration, to bring joy and cheer to everyone.

Getting To Know Our Neo 宝宝 (Bao Bao) Mascots

Neo Curry (吉宝宝) a.k.a The Explorer

As the eldest of all three, he has a passion for embarking on new adventures, discovering new things and making new friends. Neo Curry is also never in a hurry to take time to enjoy the small things in life and never fails to have fun at every occasion and event. The next time you see him, do shake hands and say hi!

Neo Kong Bak (寶宝宝) a.k.a The Buddy

Need a helping hand? Or at times, a great friend? Neo Kong Bak is the BFF that everyone loves and wants to be around. Always helpful and cheery, it is no wonder why his favourite colour is yellow like the sun. Apart from being a great buddy, he also has amazing cooking skills. For culinary tips, he will be happy to offer!

Neo Ebi (祥宝宝) a.k.a The Joyful

The youngest is Neo Ebi whose infectious giggle will make even the grumpiest smile. His positive spirit and twinkle in his eye will light up the room. Not only does Neo Ebi have the ability to make people happy, he also has talent in inventing new fun games. Give him a high-five if you love games just like him!